The Team

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Where We Began

Our goal at Blaze Gourmet Burger is to bring you excellence, in the form of gourmet burgers that you can grab on the go or enjoy to stay!

We first began in 2019, operating as a ghost kitchen and keeping our focus on refining our recipes and landing on the best of the best. We wanted to have top-quality food that offered options for everyone, and worked hard to reach that aim! We never compromise on quality. We use certified Angus beef patties and source our ingredients locally wherever possible.

We are now proudly serving as a dine-in restaurant in beautiful and vibrant Mt Pleasant, Vancouver. We still offer our catering and take-out services that we began with, but include the option to stay and rest in our recently renovated lounge space. Come, get cozy, and fall in love with your new favourite burger joint!

Employment Opportunities

Looking for a place to grow and share your skills? We love bringing in new members; our team is always expanding!

If you are seeking full-time or part-time job opportunities, or fit a role listed below, please email your resume to

Working Together With The Community

We’re proud and honoured to be situated in one of Vancouvers loveliest neighbourhoods, here in Mount Pleasant. We know we’re among excellent neighbours, and love connecting with everyone that comes through.

If you, your office, or organization, sparks an idea for a partnership, we’d love to hear it! We love finding ways we can serve in the area, and are often inspired by all the good that comes about when connections happen. Definitely don’t be shy, reach out!