The Team

Our Story

In 2019, our journey commenced as a ghost kitchen, fueled by our founder’s unwavering dedication to creating gourmet burgers that delight and satisfy taste buds. With over a decade of experience in the food industry, our founder’s tireless commitment to perfection led us to evolve into a charming dine-in restaurant, nestled in the vibrant heart of Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver.

Our mission at Blaze Gourmet Burgers is to have a special burger for a special person. Embracing our community’s diverse needs, we take pride in being a burger spot that accommodates all allergies and dietary preferences, providing halal, plant-based, and gluten-free options. We strive to ensure that everyone can indulge in our culinary delights. With the love and support of our community, we have expanded our reach beyond Vancouver, reaching out to New Jersey offering catering and dine-in service so you can enjoy the Blaze experience wherever you are. In addition to our exclusive location at the TradeX convention center, Abbotsford, BC.

Recognizing the importance of starting your day right, we’ve added a delightful breakfast menu to complement our lunch and dinner offerings. From the break of dawn to the dim of dusk, we are dedicated to being there for you, providing a burst of flavor throughout your day.

Welcome to Blaze Gourmet Burger, your home for burger indulgence and a place where every bite ignites your senses and ignites your love for extraordinary flavors.

Working Together With The Community

We take great pride in our privileged location within the enchanting Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver. Situated amidst esteemed neighbors, we cherish the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with all who visit our establishment. As responsible community members, we actively collaborate with local corporations, extending support through sponsorships and catering services for neighborhood events. Our commitment to fostering strong ties within the community reflects our dedication to being a valued and integral part of the vibrant Mount Pleasant area. In addition to our dedication to the Mount Pleasant community, we are delighted to have actively participated in the Halal Festival, celebrating diversity and inclusivity through our delectable offerings.

Our Partners

Our establishment proudly boasts strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Sysco and Intercity Packers. By collaborating with Intercity Packers, we secure a consistent supply of premium Certified Angus beef, ensuring the highest quality for our esteemed customers. Sysco, renowned for its reliable distribution services, plays a vital role in delivering the majority of our restaurant’s ingredients and supplies, further enhancing our operational efficiency.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting local farmers, who play an integral part in providing us with fresh and delectable mixed greens and other locally-sourced produce, contributing to the essence of our culinary offerings. These valued partnerships exemplify our dedication to delivering exceptional dining experiences with a focus on quality, sustainability, and community support.

Among these illustrious partners, whose contributions have played an instrumental role in elevating our brand to new heights, stand the esteemed names of Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Skipthedishes, who have ceaselessly embraced our vision and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring seamless and efficient delivery services for our cherished patrons.